401(k) Audit Compensation Mistakes To Avoid
August 3, 2021

What’s Next After Completing The 401(k) Audit Process?

You’ve done the required pre-work, we’ve performed the automated audit…now what? We wanted to give you an idea of what to expect after the audit, so you will be aware of any actions that will be necessary on your part. Here’s the step-by-step process detailing how to complete the audit process, so you can celebrate a job well done and get back to your daily routine.

Step 1: Delivery of Financial Statements/Disclosures for Final Review

Upon completion of your audit, PriceKubecka will deliver financial statements with disclosures describing plan provisions and the year’s operations. This is what is to be submitted with Form 5500. We will also give you:

  1. A copy of a Letter to Governance which summarizes the performance of the audit
  2. Any internal control matters that are noted
  3. Suggestions on how to improve on those control matter issues

Step 2: The Wrap-Up Call

We will schedule a wrap-up call with your plan administrator to review any mistakes we found during the audit. All aspects of the plan will be tested to ensure operations are in compliance with plan documents, laws, and regulations, and our auditors will work closely with you to determine the proper course of action and resolve issues quickly. The time it takes for you to support us in this critical area is usually between 1 to 2 hours during the course of the 401(k) audit and financial statements are quickly

produced for your approval. The wrap-up call is also an opportunity for us to listen to you and get your feedback on our process and ways we can improve to serve you better.

Step 3: Tweaks and Fixes + Process Improvements

Your plan administrator will fix any identified mistakes, approve the financial statement and submit it along with Form 5500. The audit report and Form 5500 must be filed by the original deadline of July 31st of the extended deadline of October 15th.

Step 4: Celebrate!

Check that box and remove it from your “to-do” list. Then, pat yourself on the back! You’ve earned it.

At the end of the day, we make it easy for you to remain in compliance so you can focus on your business. Contact one of our Qualified CPAs today to get started!

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