Audits Done Flawlessly

Using Technology Built by 401(k) Auditors.

A Powerful Solution to a Costly Problem

401(k) audits will cost you time and money if you don’t file Form 5500 along with your completed audit on time. We’ve created proprietary auditing technology that streamlines the entire audit process and eliminates the need for auditors to be on-site. The result is a higher quality audit at a lower cost.

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Client Data

Data is directly fed from payroll providers and record keepers, eliminating the complexity of the data gathering process. CPAs then have ready access to the information they need so clients need only provide minimal support.

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Technology eliminates the need for manual calculations or data requests so PriceKubecka's auditors can prepare your audit in a matter of hours instead of weeks. By automating the most mundane auditing tasks, our certified CPAs can focus on delivering higher quality, error-free audits that meet all federal requirements.

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401(k) Audit

Our CPAs deliver unmatched compliance documentation and savings for record keepers and clients while saving significant time for audit support personnel. Clients can file Form 5500 along with the audit in a timely and efficient manner every year.

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There are no time restrictions, so plan sponsors can start their audit before April 15 and
avoid the last-minute rush to meet the July 31 federal deadline.

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