About Autire

We created Autire in response to the overwhelming burden of 401(k) compliance placed on business owners. Most of our clients don’t have the sophistication built into their human resource departments to handle ERISA complexity, or the free time to respond to a long list of audit requests.

As auditors of 401(k) plans, we used to exacerbate the problem by constantly interrupting them and taking their focus away from their daily workflow. The only thing they got in return was a large audit bill and the ability to meet the 5500 filing deadline. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created Autire.

Client Frustrations

Our Solution

401(k) Audits take too long

401(k) time

Autire will work as fast as you feed it data

Auditors constantly interrupt the critical workflow of the business

401(k) workflow

You provide us the data and answer the questions on your terms, not ours

Auditors camp out in conference rooms for days on end

On-site fieldwork

There is none, we work together in our secure SaaS environment to perform our audits

Inconsistency of the Audit team means having to explain things over and over

401(k) Knowledge

Our technology does the same thing accurately over and over again.

401(k) Audits are expensive

401(k) cost

Our technology doesn’t take vacation. Do we need to say more?