Spend more time focused on your business.

Spend less time and money on your 401(k) audit.

Remote 401(k) Audits Free Up Your Workforce

PriceKubecka reduces the total hours to complete an audit by 50% using auditing technology that creates a consistent, repeatable process tailored to your company’s individual needs without disrupting your business.

By redesigning our 401(k) audit process, Human resource departments can spend less time responding to a long list of ERISA audit requests and more time focusing on the people that power your organization.

Our 401(k) Audit Process

30-Minute Audit Kick Off

In just 30 minutes, your audit will begin.  All you have to do is:

  1. Email us the signed engagement letter
  2. Send the signed auditor access form to your Record Keeper
  3. Hold a quick web meeting with us to pull payroll data in our specialized format

After your part is done, we will gather all of the audit data we need from your Record Keeper so you don't have to respond to a long list of audit requests.


60-Minute Plan Analysis

PriceKubecka tailors each audit to your specific plan.  To do so, we need 60 minutes of your time to understand the specifics of your plan and to document your control environment.  After that, our technology starts the audit and runs in the background.


Completing Your Audit

Our focus is on IRS and ERISA compliance.  When potential issues are identified or there is missing information, our auditors will work closely with you to determine the proper course of action and resolve issues quickly.  The time it takes for you to support us in this critical area is usually between 1 to 2 hours during the course of the 401(k) audit and financial statements are quickly produced for your approval.

Reduce the overwhelming burden of 401(k) compliance.

Let PriceKubecka help your business. Schedule a consultation with a certified CPA today. Our base 401(k) audit is less than 50% of the cost of a traditional audit.

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