Dallas 401(k) Auditing Firm

If you employ over 100 employees, an annual audit is required by law.

Remote 401(k) Audits by Certified CPAs

PriceKubecka is a CPA firm that with over 20 years of experience in performing quality, remote 401(k) audits for companies with over 100 employees. We built Autire™ — a remote auditing technology to streamline the 401(k) audit process and significantly reduce the cost for our clients. Using Autire, our certified 401(k) CPAs can complete your 401(k) audit in less than three weeks with minimal disruption to your staff and operations.

Our 401(k) audits are performed remotely and only require a couple of hours of your employee's time. No travel or extra expenses is required. Simply, tell us about your audit and we'll link Autire to your record keeper to access the data we need to complete your financials. Our goal is to help businesses navigate ERISA audits, file Form 5500 on time, and avoid thousands of dollars in IRS and Department of Labor penalties. This way, plan sponsors can meet their obligations each year by filing an error-free audit on time that costs 50% less than a traditional audit.

Don't wait until the deadline, start your 401(k) audit today!

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