Meet the Leaders of PK's

401(k) Audit Team

Brian S. Price, CPA


About Brian

Brian founded PriceKubecka in 1995 and has over 25 years of experience serving the needs of closely-held businesses. He is in charge of all audit related services for the firm.  In addition to leading the firm’s 401(k) audit team, Brian challenged the team to rethink how audits should be performed in the future, resulting in the development of our groundbreaking software, Autire. He is now focused on continual improvements to the audit process, including developing integration opportunities with payroll and recordkeepers to make data gathering even easier for our clients.

Devendra Parkar

Chief Technology Officer

About Devendra

Devendra, in his role as a Chief Technology Officer at PriceKubecka, leads the technology, product strategy and execution of our auditing platform. He brings over 20 years of experience from various industries and is a technologist at heart. He constantly strives to make PK's auditing processes easier and more reliable with the help of technology. Couple that with his organizational skills in building competent on-shore and off-shore teams, and you have a technologist, visionary and product manager - all in one. Devendra is now experimenting with how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning with various auditing techniques to give our clients and even better experience.

Jennifer Moore, CPA

AUDIT manager

About Jen

Jen oversees the audit department and is responsible for giving you an incredible client experience from the initial fee quote to the delivery of your financial statements. She has an Advanced Defined Contribution Plan Auditing credential from the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Quality Center and loves the opportunity to ensure that her clients and their employees have a retirement plan that looks out for everyone's best interests. She has taken on a leading role in everything that is 401(k) and continues to look for ways to better the audit experience for our clients.

Amber Balous

AUDIT Scheduler

About Amber

Amber's background in human resources and employee benefits serves her well in her role with the 401(k) audit department. She coordinates the entire department from scheduling all of the audits to onboarding new clients and addressing any concerns.  Having worked in an HR Role and "been in the shoes" of our clients, her diverse experience not only makes her a great auditor but also gives her a leg up on other responsibilities, including developing content for all 401(k) marketing initiatives.


PK’s staff is extremely knowledgeable, consistently responsive and best of all, they’re fun to work with

“We’ve used PriceKubecka, PLLC to perform our 401(k) audit for the past 7 years and have always experienced superior customer service. PK’s staff is extremely knowledgeable, consistently responsive and best of all, they’re fun to work with. Most importantly, their technology makes the audit process easy.” - Ken Blackard, CFO Koetter Fire Protection

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Meet the Firm

PriceKubecka realized CPA firms weren't progressing, despite the ever-changing accounting industry. Clients only received generic accounting services, like yearly tax returns and audited financial statements. So we went beyond the minimum to become a smarter, better CPA firm. We broke the stereotype of what a typical CPA firm looks like and we continue to grow and adapt to better serve our clients.

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About PriceKubecka, PLLC

PriceKubecka is a full-service CPA firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has been in business since 1995

Certified in Employee Benefit Plans

We require all CPAs who work on employee benefit plans to be credentialed in this unique space


Our membership in the AICPA's Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center demonstrates our commitment to 401(k) quality

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