• Better 401(k) Audit
    Faster Turnaround.

    Lower Cost.
    401(k) audits are another costly requirement slapped on employers by law, but not all audits are created equal. We’ve created proprietary auditing technology that streamlines the entire audit process and eliminates the need for auditors to be on-site. The result is a higher quality audit at a lower cost

We perform 401(k) audits virtually using Autire™
an innovative auditing technology platform.

Remote 401(k) Audits

Our remote online auditing tool allows us to perform quality ERISA audits from the comfort of OUR office...not yours! Therefore, we will not interrupt your day or camp out in your conference room for a week. We perform audits nationwide, so no matter where you are, you won’t incur any out-of-pocket travel fees.

Low-Cost Solution

Our flat rate audits start at $7,000 for companies with up to 1,000 employees and remote auditing saves your company thousands in out-of-pocket travel expenses. Our technology automates most of the mundane auditing tasks, resulting in an audit that takes half the time with half the cost. The result is a more affordable solution for companies of all sizes.

Error Free Audits

Autire streamlines data collection and performs time-consuming calculations. This allows our certified CPAs to focus on delivering higher quality, error-free audits that meet all federal requirements.

Faster Turnaround

Autire reduces the total hours to complete an audit by 50%. With Autire, there is no need to "train" a new auditor each year. We create a consistent and repeatable process tailored to your company’s individual needs.

Less Time & Hassle

We obtain auditor data through your record keeper so we can answer our own questions instead of taking up valuable employee time with audit requests. Whether this is your first audit or 30th, our certified 401(k) CPAs work with you to deliver a timely, error-free audit with minimal disruption to your staff and operations.

No Time Restrictions

We start the process early in the year and eliminate last-minute mistakes. Autire allows our certified 401(k) auditors to access your audit data as soon as it is ready; no need to wait until after April 15 to meet the July 31 deadline. Reducing your stress is our recipe for success.

We Offer High Quality 401(k) Audits Prepared by Certified CPAs

For over 25 years, PriceKubecka, PLLC has helped all industries remain ERISA compliant as required by the IRS and Department of Labor by delivering quality audits by the Form 5500 filing deadline.

To that end, Price Kubecka has revolutionized the entire auditing experience to make it easier and faster for plan sponsors to meet their obligations and avoid penalties that can be assessed per day.

Using our custom-built remote auditing technology, our certified 401(k) CPAs have the unique ability to streamline the entire audit process, resulting in a better audit for half the traditional cost. Because our audits are automated and performed remotely, clients need only provide minimal support to receive a fully compliant, error-free audit in less than three weeks.

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