September 9, 2021

What’s Next After Completing The 401(k) Audit Process?

You’ve done the required pre-work, we’ve performed the automated audit…now what? We wanted to give you an idea of what to expect after the audit, so […]
August 3, 2021

401(k) Audit Compensation Mistakes To Avoid

How to avoid the most common and costly 401(k) plan mistake! After handling 100s of 401k plan audits a year, PriceKubecka can testify that the most […]
July 27, 2021

The 3-Step 401(k) Audit Process

Your experience with a 401(k) audit process doesn’t have to be … a process. Our team of qualified CPAs reduces the total number of hours to complete an […]
July 19, 2021
SAS 136

Tomayto, tomahto – SAS 136

Are Plan Sponsors ready to tell their 401(k) plan auditor whether the conditions for electing an ERISA Section 103(a)(3)(C) audit have been met? Let PriceKubecka, PLLC […]
January 29, 2021
Select the Best 401(k) Auditor

Selecting the Best 401(k) Auditor

If your business has 100 or more eligible participants at the beginning of the plan year, you must undergo a 401(k) audit. However, choosing the wrong […]
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