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401(k) audits are complex but required by law. We make it easy for you to remain in compliance so you can focus on your business.

About PriceKubecka, PLLC

PriceKubecka helps businesses grow by providing innovative strategies for complex accounting, tax, and audit problems. As a voluntary member of AICPA’s Employee Benefits Plan Audit Quality Center, our trained auditors are knowledgeable in the unique aspects of employee benefit plans.

In 2017, we began using proprietary auditing technology to help clients reduce the time and labor associated with their annual 401(k) audit. By streamlining the auditing process, we were able to reduce the time and cost of the audit by 50%, and we passed those savings on to you.

401(k) audits are complex but required by law. We perform over 200 audits per year so you can rest assured you will always be in compliance

Meet Your 401(k) Team


For over 20 years, PriceKubecka has grown into what a modern accounting firm should be. Led by a stellar team of professionals, today we serve small to enterprise size businesses across industries nationwide.

Devendra Parkar
Devendra Parkar

Devendra is the Chief Technology Officer at PriceKubecka, PLLC. His accomplished development management and systems architect coding skills have given our auditors the ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance PK’s auditing processes so that our clients have an incredible experience. Couple Dev’s brain with his organizational skills in building competent on-shore and off-shore development teams, and you have a technologist, visionary, and product manager – all in one.

Brian Price, CPA
Brian Price, CPA

Brian founded PriceKubecka in 1995 and is in charge of all audit-related services for the firm. In addition to leading the firm’s 401(k) audit group, Brian challenged the team to rethink how audits should be performed in the future, resulting in the development of audit technology. He is now focused on supporting Devendra on making continual audit improvements, including developing integration opportunities with payroll and recordkeepers to make the audit process even easier for our clients.

Our Braintrust

All supervisors have over 30 combined years of experience auditing 401(k) plans. They are certified CPAs and hold the AICPA’s specialized “Advanced Defined Contribution Plan Audit” credential. In other words … they know their stuff.

Jennifer Moore, CPA
Jennifer Moore, CPA
Sonal Fernandez, CPA
Sonal Fernandez, CPA
Amy Sac, CPA
Amy Sac, CPA

Our Problem Solvers

More than just your average auditor, our experienced Resolution Specialists each support over 20 audits a year and communicate any issues uncovered during the audit.  Their primary objective is to deliver high quality, error-free audits while eliminating the stress clients feel during the audit process. 


Emma O'Donnell, Auditor
Emma O'Donnell, Auditor
Alex Gadbois, CPA Auditor
Alex Gadbois, CPA Auditor
Devyani Tiwari, CA Auditor
Devyani Tiwari, CA Auditor

Join Our Team of 401(k) Plan Auditors

Remote, Seasonal and Tech-Savvy

You’ve heard the remote, seasonal, “we’re flexible” job search spiel before. But have you heard it in
conjunction with “we’re changing the 401(k) audit world”? Didn’t think so.

Meet PriceKubecka, a quirky CPA firm that has developed its own 401(k) auditing software. We are
obsessed with finding ways to use technology to get rid of the grunt work. No kidding – in the past 3
years we’ve more than quadrupled the number of plans we audit across the country (remote – no
travel!) while cutting our hours per audit by more than half. We need employees who can see our vision
and will help us continue to innovate.

You know as well as we do that 401(k) audits are a specialty, but most firms staff them with interns.
We’re the opposite. We want to find experienced CPA’s in this niche who will work 40 hours a week
from February through October, but with steady pay all year. Take November, December, and January
off – see your family and friends, travel, do whatever! Come back again in February when our season
starts back up.

The nitty gritty:

  • CPA with experience auditing 401(k) plans
  • Tech/data knowledge and adaptability (Excel is a must)
  • Time and project management is critical
  • Work remote from anywhere in the US or our Office (if you live in Dallas) – you choose
  • Full‐time February – October, pay throughout the year
  • Full benefits (Health, Sec 125, and of course 401(k))

If you are interested in applying, please complete the form below and attach your resume.

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